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I collect computer keyboards. Most keyboards in my collection are manufactured by IBM and are clicky keyboards from the 80ties and 90ties of the last century.

Realforce 87UD55 10

This is a limited edition of the Realforce 87U celebrating the 10th anniversary. This keyboard has switches with 55g.[more]

Realforce 87UW55

Realforce keyboard with Topre switches all 55g weighed[more]


The IBM Model M keyboard in the tenkeyless version is called IBM Space Saving Keyboard (SSK). [more]

IBM Model M15

Ergonomic Buckling Spring keyboard[more]

Topre TypeHeaven

The TypeHeaven is a keyboard with 45g Topre switches. It is produced in China and has ABS keys which makes it the least expensive Topre keyboard.[more]

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